Wild Now Hive


The IDEAS Hive is an interdisciplinary, inter-generational community Think + Do Tank whereby members of a local community are brought together each month to focus on one of the 17 sustainable development goals. With the partnership of WildNow Foundation, Youth members as well as the public interested in bettering the local and global community are welcome to participate in this inter-generational event. Through seminars, field trips, action projects, and film screenings, The IDEAS Hive is designed to transform communities to advance positive change.

The IDEAS Hive is split into 3 main interactive activities: 

Learn: where we learn from educated and expert speakers who share information on the monthly environmental topic. These sustainability topics cover local and global conversations through the SDGs, all geared towards improving environmental public awareness in a fun, multi-generational environment.

: The IDEAS Hive brings together a cross-disciplinary, multi-generational group of community stakeholders to brainstorm solutions to sustainability challenges. Enjoy engagement from the audience in brainstorming “breakout” activities to share ideas from all members of the community.

Take Action: The IDEAS Hive then implements at least one solution per month through monthly Community Eco-Action Days. The IDEAS and WildNow team then develops these projects, and advocates for sustainable practices. By aggregating the impact of local actions, the Hive becomes a part of the Global solution.