Our Wildlife Our Future

OUR WILDLIFE OUR FUTURE Nairobi National park is home to different wildlife species including the endangered black Rhino. Because of its alluring fauna and flora, the park has been the…

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Conservation Misconceptions

CONSERVATION MISCONCEPTIONS I have received those side-eye expressions when someone asks me about my passion, and they receive a response on Conservation and sustainability. They always think that it is…

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Favorite Animal

FAVORITE ANIMAL When majority of people hear I’m a conservationist, first question that triggers their mind other than why I chose that path is what my favorite animal is from…

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the so called “spirit animal” and I couldn’t help but ponder that I’m possibly a koala because I treasure sleep and think it’s an essential part of being human, or a lioness because of its solidarity and strength as protector and provider, or an eagle because of its determination and ambitiousness. Or maybe a mixture of everything. (KO-LI-GLE) .

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