Ten simple things that make you a conservationist!!!

Being a conservationist is often considered to be some technical job that certain people do with the aim of saving the world but that shouldn't be the case. We should all be conservationists. Conserving the environment doesn't start by you doing research in Harvard to save a certain species; it can be a very simple thing that you do. Being a conservationist doesn't need one to go to school to be qualified, all you need is to understand the death of one species is one species closer to our own extinction as humans.

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Two Stories, Same Story

This is the reality of many lions and the communities living near protected areas. I bet your first reaction would be to want to protect your own as well as the communities and you are right for feeling that way. But choosing between lions and communities goes deeper than just the conversation of human vs animal. This is a fight between the present and future. The communities are present because they deserve to live lives that go undisrupted by the lions. Their dreams and lives should not be cut short by the lions. They deserve to have normal lives but do we kill all the lions? Do we fence them away? Well, this would be jeopardizing our future because if the lions were to become extinct that would just bring us humans closer to extinction

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